Beautiful Home

Beautiful You

FabStitches is a company with a simple mission - a mission to add beauty to the wonderful lives and homes around us.

Through FabStitches I strive to make and curate beautiful things from around the world, focusing on threads and handicrafts, and bring them to you.

They are things of beauty - a term borrowed from one of John Keats' famous poems - "A thing of beauty is a joy forever". They are things that tell a tale. Things that have been put together by skill and by love. Some by me. And many by artists and craftsmen I feel fortunate to have come across. Things I hope you will love as much as I have loved putting together. 

While you work on your inner beauty, which no doubt is of utmost importance, give FabStitches a chance to add beauty to your world on the outside.

Let's add joy to the world. One thing of beauty at a time.

With love,