Black White Art Nouveau William Morris Style Victorian Earrings with Lampwork Polka Dots

This stylish pair of earrings features brass William Morris style twin rosebud connectors in aged black patina and handmade lamp work black glass beads with white polka dots.
The earrings are strung in artisan long almond shape brass hooks with an aged black patina. These wires are slightly thicker than the standard 1mm wires (They are 18 gauge = 1.27mm) and hence sturdier and provide a good drape.
I love working with black and particularly enjoyed creating a juxtaposition of Art Nouveau styles and Retro style polka dots in this fun pair of earrings. This is somewhat Goth (due to the matte black color and lines) but sort of a "Happy Goth" (I think I might have just coined a new term :))

The earrings are approx. 2.75 inches long and approx. 0.5-0.75 inch wide at the widest point.

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