Tree Ornaments For The Festive Season

Fabric block printing is an ancient art form in India that dates back to more than 500 years. A small town called Bagru in Rajasthan, India is famous for it's vegetable dye and mud resist block printed fabrics. This art form is passed down for generations within families and close-knit communities.
Sheesham (Indian Rosewood) wood blocks, most often made out of scrap wood pieces discarded by furniture makers, are handcarved to create intricate patterns and designs. This carving process is extremely meticulous and takes years of apprenticeship to gain mastery. Done entirely by hand, creating these woodblocks is a long and tiring process.
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This festive season I bring to you unique tree ornaments I made out of beautifully carved fair trade artisan salvaged wood blocks. They will not only add a rustic charm to your Christmas decor, they will also warm your hearts.
Good art is known to have that effect on people. :)
fabric printing using wood blocks - image from Pinterest
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