The Fab Stitches story

Smita Luthra Founder Fab Stitches

Have you ever had one of those mornings when you wake up with a deep urge to reinvent yourself?

It was the day I turned forty.

Growing up as a child I had an almost obsessive urge to pretty up places and things. My dolls dressed up nice in hand-sewn designer gowns, my room walls were full of art and I had a note-worthy collection of pretty trinkets I had no idea what I was going to do with. And the first software program I wrote did not simply print the words “Hello World” on the screen. Instead I decided to drop them from the top of the screen one letter at a time. And with a little effort and help from my very encouraging teacher, they did animate on the small black and white screens of the bulky computer monitors my school could afford in the 90s.

It was time I did something creative with life again.

Two years’ worth of soul searching, arts and crafts trainings, jewelry making courses, fifty-six DIY projects around the home (yes, I counted) and an all-girls weekend on the Oregon coastline to mark my 40th birthday later, here I am with Fab Stitches.

Nestled in the beautiful mountain ranges of the Pacific North West and based in Redmond, WA, FabStitches is a company with a simple mission. A mission to add beauty to the wonderful lives and homes around us. Through FabStitches I strive to curate beautiful things from around the world, focusing on threads and handicrafts, and bring them to you.   

They are things of beauty - a term borrowed from one of John Keats' famous poems - "A thing of beauty is a joy forever". They are things that tell a tale. Things that have been put together by skill and by love. Some by me. And many by artists and craftsmen I feel fortunate to have come across. Things I hope you will love as much as I have loved putting together. 

The collection includes designer scarves, handmade jewelry, home décor, curios and unique gifts.

The one thing in this collection that I enjoyed working on most is "Fab Wraps". They are beautiful scarves coordinated with a stunning accessory. Just the kind of thing busy women need to take a thrown-on outfit to a fabulously-put-together outfit within a minute. The little bundle comes in a beautiful gift worthy packaging with a custom handwritten message (I will write your message in my best hand-writing, I promise.) and are perfect to send as gifts to your mom, sister, friend or that special woman you know who deserves a little TLC.

Lovers of unique jewelry pieces might find the collection of ethnic Thai jewelry pieces especially appealing. The pieces are fashioned out of organic elements like precious and semi-precious stones, brass, silk, wood and leather - each with a unique presence and character. 

And then there are pieces of jewelry reminiscent of an era that has left many of us in awe. A quick look at the Rustic Nostalgia collection is bound to feel like a walk down memory lane.

Lovers of art are urged to check out the absolutely amazing throw pillow covers shipped here directly from a workshop in Kashmir. They are inspired by the famous works of Picasso and other contemporary painters and hand-embroidered in finest silk threads. An absolute treat for any home.

While you work on your inner beauty (which, no doubt, is of utmost importance), give FabStitches a chance to bring to your lives "a thing of beauty".  

Let’s add joy to the world, a thing of beauty at a time. :)

Much love,