The First Ever Earth Friendly Repurposable Rakhi

Introducing the first ever repurposable, environment friendly Rakhi designed and handmade 100% by me here, in my workshop in Redmond, WA.

Rakshabandhan (or Rakhi) - The Sacred Bond Between Siblings!

The word "Raksha Bandhan" in Hindi means "the tie or knot of protection" - "Raksha" being the word for protection and "Bandhan" the verb to tie.

It is an ancient Hindu festival that ritually celebrates the love and duty between brothers and their sisters. In the ceremony the sister ties a "Rakhi" - a cord/bracelet - around her brother's wrist and prays to express her love and her wish for the well being of her brother. In return, the brother ritually pledges to protect and take care of his sister. It's a beautiful festival, one of many in India, in which family ties are affirmed. 

The Reason Behind A "Repurposable" Rakhi

Unfortunately, every year millions of Rakhis end up in landfills. In an attempt to solve this problem, I have designed Rakhis that not only have deep spiritual significance, but they can also be repurposed into keychains or attachable hooks so they serve as mementos of the beautiful bond between siblings all year long. I put in a painstaking level of research to come up with the various components of each Rakhi in order to create a theme and lend every design a spiritual meaning. A significant fraction of my research went towards attempting to make every component of the Rakhi and it's packaging reusable and far away from the landmines. I hope you appreciate the effort and support this cause.

How is the Rakhi "Repurposable"?

The Rakhi comes with a central charm strung in thread on both sides. The central charm slides out and converts into a keychain or a carabinger hook trinket (provided alongside as a bundle) The threads can be used to wrap gifts, tie flowers, hang tree ornaments (and other such creative uses), the paper packaging can be recycled and the organza string bag can be reused as a gift bag or as storage for accessories.