African Red White Black Necklace, White Heart Necklace, Batik Bone Tribal Necklace

This absolutely beautiful necklace features a large handmade ebony wood pendant from Mali with camel bone inlay work. I strung the pendant in a strand of gorgeous red white-heart beads from Africa along with eight batik bone polka dot beads, four batik bone disc beads and two batik bone tubes - all from Africa. Bronze beads and a bronze lobster clasp add a metallic touch. The extender chain ends in a bone "good luck" charm and a red white-heart bead.

White heart beads have a rich heritage. They were first made in early 1480 in Europe and traded in Africa. It is believed that the reddish color in the glass in those early beads was brought by using real gold. Because of the elevated cost, the gold had to be used sparingly by early artisans so they started using a less expensive filler for the core of the bead with the main color forming the outer layer. This is how the name White Hearts came to be popular as the heart of the bead is white.

The overall necklace length is approx. 20 inches with the pendant adding an additional 3 inch depth. The extender chain can increase the length by an additional 1.75 inches.

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