SOLD: Blue Brown Leather Necklace, Metal Free Necklace For Tall Women

This necklace features a central stone pendant in the shades of blue and brown with leather strands strung through it. At the ends of the strands, I added seed beads and frosted glass beads as accents to match with the colors on the central pendant.
The total length of the strands is approx. 34 inches and the central "donut" shaped pendant can be adjusted to sit anywhere according to the height of the wearer. The height of the necklace can also be adjusted accordingly.
Keeping tall women in mind, I kept these strands generous in length. In case there is a need to shorten the strands (so the rows of seed beads at the bottom of the strands do not fall too low) , all it will take it a simple pushing up of the beads, reknotting at the desired height and cutting the extra lengths.

With no metal components, it is the perfect gift for women with sensitive skin and/or metal allergies.

Free shipping within US.

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