Blue Green African Krobo Necklace, Leather Earrings, Tribal Jewelry

This necklace features a beautiful blue and mint green combination of African recycled glass Krobo beads interspersed with silver rings and strung in high quality leather cord. I made leather loop earrings to go with the necklace using Sterling Silver closed hoops.

This set is a sweet and simple, no-fuss necklace and earring pair perfect for casual daily wear and looks great with both ethnic as well as modern ensemble.
The necklace has the strands criss-crossing inside a silver bead for adjustment. Simply slide the silver bead to the ends of the strands to open the necklace to it's maximum length and put it around the head. Pull the strands until the desired height is achieved and simply tie the open strands in a single knot across the silver bead to ensure it stays in place.

The necklace can be adjusted to a max length of 30 inches and the earrings are approx. 2 inches long.

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