SOLD: Chocolate Pearl Necklace Prayer Box Wish Box Antique Protection Amulet Tribal Necklace

This necklace features an authentic vintage Tibetan Ghau - a Prayer Box or Wish Box - strung in a long strand of chocolate pearls. Beautiful copper beads in two styles interspersed into the chocolate pearls across the length of the necklace give it an overall golden brown/copper tone.

The necklace is approx. 26 inches long (not including the height of the pendant) and can be adjusted to add another inch or more using the copper extender chain.

Tibetans traditionally carried these prayer boxes (or wish boxes) strung on the belts of their "chuba" (a long-sleeved loose coat). A "ghau" or a box is a traditional means of carrying prayer verses and other essentials on one's person at all times. These boxes have always been embellished and beautified as they are considered special and it is believed that they become one with the person wearing them.

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