Tribal Durga Shakti Prayer Box Amulet Silver Necklace, Diwali Necklace

This is a beautiful prayer box shaped tribal silver amulet from Rajasthan, India with the Goddess Durga in her Shakti form.

According to Hindu scriptures, Goddess Durga is the mother of the universe and the power or "Shakti" behind the work of creation, preservation, and destruction of the world.
Since time immemorial she has been worshiped as the supreme feminine energy that is used against the negative forces of evil. She is believed to be the combined form of all the powers of all Goddesses.

The amulet opens from the left (as shown in the picture) and can be used to store any precious item like a religious/motivational verse, a love note, herbs, essential oil soaked cotton, dry flowers or any little trinket of emotional significance.

I strung this pendant in a strand of Infrared fire-polished saturated matte fuchsia glass beads from the Czech republic. These beads have been very hard to photograph as they show color variations from hot pink to dusty rose to coral pink. But in each of those variations they look just as pretty!

Interspersed in that strand are six small charms made by Karen Hill Tribe Artisans in Northern Thailand. This beautiful metal distinguishes itself by having a much higher content of pure silver than sterling silver. Each piece is made by hand using age old silver-smith processes and tools. The result is an earthy, artisan feel that gives this necklace such a pious look!

(An interesting fact about Karen Hill Tribe silver artisans that I learnt is that they were the earliest of the Hill Tribes to settle in Thailand and most of them fled persecution in Burma. In addition to being skilled silversmiths, they are good elephant handlers and farmers. Originally, many of the hill tribes were involved in opium growing in the Golden Triangle mountainous areas of Northern Thailand and had run the soil barren with their destructive farming techniques.
In 1969 Thailand's revered King decided to try to help tackle the crisis with "The Royal Project" that encouraged new rotational crops to replace opium and focused on self sufficiency by making silver-smithing the world famous cottage industry that it is today.) 

A Bali silver hook clasp completes the necklace. I added the "Brave" charm in honor of Maa Durga and with a prayer that this provides strength to the wearer and serves as a reminder of the "Brave" hidden within her. (The charm is a silver plated lead free, nickel free alloy.)

The necklace measures a approx. 18 inches from end to end and sits extremely pretty around the neck.

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