Rajasthan Hindu Deity Footprints Silver Peridot Jade Gemstone Necklace Earrings Set

This necklace features a Hindu Deity footprint amulet from Rajasthan, India in 925 hallmark silver and high grade Jade gemstone beads in Peridot green along with Berber silver beads from Africa. (The silver pendant is contemporary silver and not a vintage piece.)

There are many interpretations of the image on this amulet. Some believe these to be Lord Vishnu's footprints revered in tribal India as Sripada - Sripada. It is also believed that these are Lord Buddha's footprints. Some interpret this image as the footprints of Goddess Lakshmi. The common theme in every interpretation is that the footprints serve as a proof of the deity's presence. It is believed that with a spiritual mindset and heart you can see God's footprints wherever you look.

The bicone shaped silver beads are vintage handmade African Berber beads. The floral silver rondelle beads around them are from Jaipur, India and are a higher quality silver than sterling 92.5%.

A Bali silver hook clasp completes the necklace. I added the "Believe" charm in honor of the spiritual significance and the thoughtful message behind this amulet. (The charm is a silver plated lead free, nickel free alloy.)

The earrings feature the jade beads matching the necklace along with silver plated lotus charms in a lead free, nickel free alloy.

The necklace measures approx. 18 inches from end to end. The pendant is around 1.5 inches long.

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