SOLD: Jasper Necklace, Leather Necklace, Raku Ceramic Necklace, Bell Pendant Organic Jewelry

This necklace features a central bell shaped Jasper stone pendant in green with a gorgeous pattern of red and mustard specks. The colors on it are so earthy and beautiful, I decided to keep it really organic so I strung it in a row of green Jasper and Raku ceramic beads in matching colors and a high quality leather cord.
The overall length of the necklace end to end is 37 inches approx. and it can be tied around the neck to the desired placement around the neckline. The pendant adds a 2 inch depth to the look and the beaded string around it is approx. 13 inches long. With two stone beads strung at the ends, after knotting it makes a pretty trinket at the back.

Earthy and beautiful, with no metal components, it is the perfect gift for women with sensitive skin and/or metal allergies.

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