Jet Black Leather Triangle Pentagram Necklace, Edgy Geometric Modern Goth Necklace

This zero-metal necklace features a thick handmade leather pendant in black and brown with the Pentagram design etched on it. (This is the work of a very talented artist from Romania who originally
designed it as a hair barrette. I loved the design and the precision and neatness in her work so much that I requested her to make me one with double leather backing and punched corners so I could use her craft in my jewelry.) I strung it in high quality coffee brown leather cords with thirty two matte black (these are a gorgeous jet black!) Onyx gemstone beads.
The pendant hangs 4 inches long and is approx. 3.5 inches wide. The beads are 1.4 cms in diameter.
The necklace has a good weight and presence with a length of approx. 18 inches extendible upto 28 inches. The necklace has the strands crisscrossing inside one large wooden "wheel" bead for adjustment. Simply pull the strands until the desired height is achieved and tie the open strands in a single knot across the bead to ensure it stays in place.

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