Kindness Bracelet Inspirational Jewelry Positive Reminder Leather Bracelet

Sometimes, when the hearts are full, it's hard to find the right words to say.
This handmade bracelet is a perfect gift for times like those. An expression of gratitude for someone who makes a positive difference to your life with their infinite kind acts. Or a daily reminder for self to do every action with love.
This handmade metal-free bracelet features a central clay charm with the inscribed words. I strung it in leather cord, rustic tribal finish Czech glass beads, Raku ceramic beads, and a crystal cube. A large coconut shell button with an engraved snowflake pattern acts as a clasp for the leather loop on the other end. 
Being free of any metallic components, it makes an ideal gift for people with metal allergies/sensitivities.
The bracelet has an overall length of approx. 7.5 inches and is perfect for chunky wrists.
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