Long Lapis Lazuli and Coral Kiffa Gold Necklace

This necklace features sixteen old (made in 1900s) but in good condition African Kiffa beads used in combination with Lapis Lazuli in various sizes and patterns, red coral heishis and gold plated copper beads. Five shiny gold electroplated shells add an interesting design and textural element to the overall composition.
The rich, vibrant colors of authentic handmade African Kiffa beads coordinate very well with the warmth of gold, red and deep blue and make this long necklace a very unique piece for your wardrobe. With a generous length of approx. 41 inches, it can be worn by very tall ladies in a single opera length strand or can be wound round into multiple strands. (I have intentionally added an end hook clasp for this very purpose.)

Kiffa beads are rare African powder glass beads, named after the Mauritanian city of Kiffa, and were first documented in 1949 by French ethnologist R. Mauny. They represent one of the highest levels of ingenuity and artistic skill in the art of making beads as they are created in open fires using simple tools and recycled from materials like pulverized European glass beads or their fragments, bottle glass, pottery shards, tin cans, twigs, steel needles in combination with gum arabic.

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