SOLD: Moroccan Berber Pride Necklace, African Krobo Bead Necklace, Berber Silver Necklace

This necklace features an authentic Moroccan Berber Pendant in 800 grade Silver (There is a hallmark stamp embossed on the backside of the pendant). The Silver and enamel work has been done by Berber artisans in Morocco and the pendant is representative of the Berber PRIDE symbol also called "Amazigh (Free Man)". The Berber flag colors blue, green and yellow are representative of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, the green mountains and sands of the Sahara desert respectively.

To match with the pendant, I found African Krobo Beads from Ghana in the perfectly harmonious color scheme of green, yellow and blue. The disc beads in Buttercup yellow are recycled glass beads handmade in Africa and Lapis Lazuli and Green Howlite Heishi beads complete the set. I also made small silver Lotus and Lapis Lazuli earrings with Sterling Silver hooks to go with the necklace.

The necklace measures 18 inches from end to end with the pendant adding an additional 2.25 inch depth.

Berbers or Amazighen ("proud raiders") are an ethnic group indigenous to North Africa. Berber history goes back to pre-historic times with numerous tales of courage and valor against colonization attempts by Romans, Arabs, French and the British. They are known for their intricately rich silver jewelry and beautiful enameling techniques.

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