Old Ethnic Indian Sister Goddess Necklace Pair, Vintage Amulet Best Friends Necklaces

This pair of necklaces features two silver Hindu Goddess pendants from early 1900s discovered in Jaipur, Rajasthan. These are rare amulets depicting a duo of sister Goddesses.
The word "Goddess" in India has various interpretations. As "Maa" she is the gentle, fortifying mother and as "Devi" or "Shakti" she is a cosmic deity of epic proportions who destroys evil and protects the weak.

Some people believe that these pendants, when created, intended to depict Chamunda Devi and Chotila Devi - two twin Goddesses believed to be the warrior form of Goddess Parvati taken to annihilate demons.

It is hard to be certain about the story behind these amulets as these amulets are not easy to find. Finding two similar ones was no less than a miracle for me as I had waited a long time to make a pair of ethnic necklaces for sisters or soul-sisters and best friends.

To keep the pair of necklaces versatile and unique, I strung them in matte brown metallic faceted crystal beads and interspersed the necklaces with vintage Ethiopian silver handmade bi-cone beads and silver plated spacers. The necklaces are choker length with approx. 17.5 inches length end to end and each one closes in a handmade silver hook clasp from Bali.

They are lightweight, no-fuss pieces that will make heirloom worthy jewelry pieces for sisters and soul-sisters to always remember each other by.

Free shipping within US.

They ship in a big box meant for both. However, please let me know in comments if you would like me to ship them in two separate gift boxes.

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