Purple Tiny House Necklace Lava Stone Necklace Mixed Media Bohemian Necklace

This necklace features a central purple ceramic house bead surrounded by lava stone beads, and high quality Czech glass beads in a variety of shapes and textures. (You will find half moon beads, tulip beads of two kinds and simple disc beads to name a few.) It also features a ceramic star bead, leather, gunmetal finish components and a two tone chiffon ribbon in shades of purple/lavender.
(The colors of the ribbon and the beads blend together much more harmoniously in real life than in the pictures I took. The camera light tends to reflect differently on different textures and the same difference is not that pronounced to the naked eye. In other words, you might find that the necklace is prettier than it looks in the pictures :) )

The necklace has an overall length of 35 inches and can be just worn without the need for any clasp.

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