Quartz Necklace, Quartz Earrings, Big Bold Necklace, Smoky Quartz Jewelry

This handmade necklace earrings set features big beautiful faceted smoky quartz beads (1.8 cm diameter) strung together around a large (2.8 cm diameter) hill tribe silver bead.
The quartz beads are interspersed with silver plated spacer beads and the necklace closes with a sterling silver hook. The set includes a pair of delicately beautiful smoky quartz drop earrings. The quartz drops are encased in silver plated copper.

The silver bead that serves as a focal point of the necklace was made by the Karen Hill Tribe artisans in Northern Thailand. This beautiful metal distinguishes itself by having a much higher content of pure silver than sterling silver. Each piece is made by hand using age old silver-smith processes and tools. The result is an earthy, artisan feel that gives this necklace such a great look!
(An interesting fact about Karen Hill Tribe silver artisans that I learnt is that they were the earliest of the Hill Tribes to settle in Thailand and most of them fled persecution in Burma. In addition to being skilled silversmiths, they are good elephant handlers and farmers. Originally, many of the hill tribes were involved in opium growing in the Golden Triangle mountainous areas of Northern Thailand and had run the soil barren with their destructive farming techniques.
In 1969 Thailand's revered King decided to try to help tackle the crisis with "The Royal Project" that encouraged new rotational crops to replace opium and focused on self sufficiency by making silversmithing the world famous cottage industry that it is today.)

Please note that the quartz beads in the necklace may appear a lot lighter to the quartz in the earrings in some of the photos. That is because of the whitish background. In photos where I hold the stones in my hand you can see that the stones look darker and less dissimilar. When held against the skin it tends to take a richer darker color.
Also the pinkish reflection on the silver bead is the shirt I was wearing when the picture was taken. The silver bead is flawless and absolutely gorgeous!

This chunky statement necklace has an approx. length of 19 inches and sits very pretty around the neck.

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