Hill Tribe Necklace Earrings Set, Red Agate Lapis Lazuli Statement Necklace Set

This necklace features a Hill Tribe silver pendant strung with high quality wheel shaped red Agate stone beads, Lapis Lazuli beads and sterling silver spacers. Four sterling silver "Dholki" beads from Jaipur surround the two-strand Lapis Lazuli component of the necklace.
The silver content in Hill Tribe components is often in the range 97%-99% while the other beads including the extension chain are sterling 92.5% silver.
The matching earrings are sterling silver plated with red agate stones arranged in a floral pattern.
The necklace closes in a sterling silver hook clasp.
(An interesting fact about Karen Hill Tribe silver artisans that I learnt is that they were the earliest of the Hill Tribes to settle in Thailand and most of them fled persecution in Burma. In addition to being skilled silversmiths, they are good elephant handlers and farmers. Originally, many of the hill tribes were involved in opium growing in the Golden Triangle mountainous areas of Northern Thailand and had run the soil barren with their destructive farming techniques. 
In 1969 Thailand's revered King decided to try to help tackle the crisis with "The Royal Project" that encouraged new rotational crops to replace opium and focused on self sufficiency by making silversmithing the world famous cottage industry that it is today.)
The length of this necklace is approx. 18 inches with the pendant adding an additional 2 inch depth. It can be further extended by 2 inches with the help of the extension chain.
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