Seattle Seahawks Theme Tie Dye scarf - "Love In Seattle"

Hand tie-dyed in the beautiful color combination that celebrates the Seattle Sea Hawks, this crinkled chiffon scarf is a style statement both on and off the sports field.

I designed this specially as a dedication to the beautiful north-west I call home and the city of Seattle and it's wonderful people. 

The fabric for the scarf was hand-selected in India and I personally hand-mixed the colors to arrive at just the right shades of green and blue. Each scarf was hand-tied and dipped in large vessels of boiling water with green and blue fabric dyes to allow the colors to stain the fabric in the desired format and sequence. The dying process took approximately two hours. And it took another three hours for the scarf to be hung and air-dried. When this scarf was nearly dry, I rolled it up by hand to give it the soft crinkle effect you can see.

Limited edition piece. Ships in a knotted form to preserve crinkle effect.

Care: Hand wash in cold water. 

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