Large Antique Tuareg Necklace, Tuareg Jewelry, Vintage African Ethnic Tribal Necklace

This necklace features a large antique Tuareg pendant made in early 20th century in Mali. People in the Tuareg tribe are nomads of the Sahara and known to trade in jewelry, goats and camels. They travel through some of the most extreme and inhospitable places in the Sahara desert. This intricately beautiful hand engraved pendant was made to be worn in the desert as a talisman for protection and good fortune. It is approx. 3.75 inches tall and 3 inches wide.  Even though it shows signs of age, it is very well maintained and the intricate etching makes it a unique collectible piece. The most interesting aspect that I learnt during my research is that such amulets often contained inside them grains of sand and protective religious scripts. I do not know what this one contains and that makes it even more mysteriously beautiful.

To bring out the etching and the combination of brass and silver on the pendant, I used chunky (16mm diameter) matte black Agate stone beads from Brazil, large vintage silver repoussé beads known to have been hand made by Tibetan refugees and high quality bronze finish bead caps, cones and clasp. The Tibetan silver beads show signs of age and have astonishingly beautiful details.

In honor of the protection this pendant has imparted to many travelers day and night, I strung a trinket containing the sun, moon and a star with the prayer that it continues to impart those blessings to the future wearer.

Overall this necklace is an amazing find and a unique composition in terms of the stories behind it's components and how they work together to create an impactful statement. It measures approx. 22 inches including the 3 inch width of the pendant.

Please note that due to the vintage nature of these metal components, the exact metal content and ratio of brass and silver is unknown.

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