Turquoise Owl Birds Rustic Necklace Natural Organic Jewelry Metal Free Necklace

This necklace features a central rustic clay pendant featuring three birds on a wire. The overall color scheme is earthy and rustic with turquoise, beige and brown being the predominant colors. It features a melange of textures and materials in terms of beads - ranging from rustic tribal finish Czech glass beads, recycled glass Krobo beads from Ghana, Raku ceramic and glass crystal. A Czech glass "owl" beads adds an element of interest. A large coconut shell button with an engraved snowflake pattern acts as a clasp for the leather loop on the other end.
Strung in a high quality leather cord and being free of any metallic components, it makes an ideal gift for people with metal allergies/sensitivities.
The overall length of the necklace end to end is 16 inches approx. The pendant adds a 1.5 inch depth to the look.
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