SOLD: Vintage Indian Silver Hindu Deity Shakti Durga Necklace, Leather Necklace

This vintage ethnic tribal silver pendant from Rajasthan, India features Goddess Shakti in her Durga form - one of her ten forms that are revered during Durga Pooja or Navratras.
In Indian mythology it is believed that Durga was born when Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv, the trinity of supreme divinity in Hinduism, were troubled by the atrocities of the demon Mahishasura and even their combined powers could do nothing to stop him. It was at this crucial point that Durga is said to have been born from the anger and helplessness of these three Gods. She is hence believed to be the supreme power or Shakti.

I used old tribal tube and tiny disc beads (silver content of these is unknown since they are really old and the original source of these beads is not known) and strung the pendant in leather cord in a mustard yellow shade to compliment the yellow brass like patina on the disc beads. The Durga pendant is heavier than many such small silver amulets from that era with a weight of 3.7 gms.

A handmade Bali silver hook completes the look, keeping it elegant, simple and versatile.

Since this necklace comes in neutral shades, it can be worn with any outfit without the need for color coordination. It measures approx. 16.5 inches from end to end and creates a unique choker.

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