Old Silver Vintage Tribal Rajasthan Hindu Deity Ancient Amulet Necklace, Sunstone Necklace

This is a large vintage tribal silver amulet from Rajasthan, India in the shape of a "yoni" ("Yoni" which means "womb" is the symbol of the Hindu Divine Goddess). The estimated age of this pendant is about 80-90 years.

There are multiple interpretations of the image on this amulet. Some texts say it depicts the four armed Bheru or Bhairava - a form of Lord Shiva in his fearful aspect - together with his "vahana" (vehicle) - the dog. In his Bhairava form, Shiva has a trishul (trident), a drum, a dagger and a skull-mace (khatvanga).
In most cases the same image, due to its feminine form, is associated with Goddess Shakti in the Kali Mata form.

I strung this pendant in five strands of high quality faceted Sunstone beads. These stones show an amazing brilliance as the light hits them. Sunstone is also considered to be a very powerful stone in crystal energy work for dispelling fears and phobias. It is also known to bring leadership qualities to its wearer in addition to decreasing stress and depression. This made it the ideal choice to combine with the energy of this amulet.

I closed the strands with handmade Bali silver bead cones and a Bali silver S-hook clasp. I added the "Brave" charm in honor of the divine presence on this amulet and with a prayer that this provides strength to the wearer and serves as a reminder of the "Brave" hidden within her. (The charm is a silver plated lead free, nickel free alloy.)

The necklace measures a little more than 17 inches from end to end and sits in a gorgeously generous spread around the neck.

In few words, this necklace is understated elegance!

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