Oversized Organic Cotton Yellow Boho Embroidered Lace Tie-Dye Scarf With Jaipur Enamel Earrings

"The Moon Was Yellow"

Like the timeless classic by Frank Sinatra, this FabWrap is a piece of art - bringing together two priceless Indian art-forms "Bandhani" and "Meenakari". 

The scarf is organic Indian cotton hand-tie-dyed using a traditional resist tie-dye technique called "Bandhani" (derived from the Hindi word "Bandhan" that means a tie or a bond).

An embroidered lace in red has been sewn on both sides of the shorter length of the scarf to add contrast.

The art of Bandhani is a highly skilled process. White organic cotton fabric used for this scarf was tied tightly with thread at several points evenly distributed across it's length. 

Dyeing in bright yellow was done by hand and the fabric was left to dry for three-four hours.

As the fabric dried, the knots were opened to reveal the little white boxes.

The earrings coordinated with the scarf are an example of Indian enamel jewelry making technique called "Meenakari". A beautiful rendering of white, green and blue against a red background, these earrings are a perfect match to the lace border on the scarf.

Limited edition piece.

Scarf care: Dry Clean only.

Jewelry care: Keep away from moisture, makeup and strong perfumes and store wrapped in a soft cotton bag.

More about Meenakari:

Meenakari, said to have originally invented in Iran, traveled to India as an art form and was adopted by the royal artisans for making pure gold jewels for the Indian royalty. Though today Meenakari is practiced on copper and other metal alloys, it continues to be a hereditary craft, passed on from one generation to another and it is still rare that outsiders are allowed to acquire any knowledge of the craft. 

Image courtesy: Meenakari-Process

Bandhani Fun fact: In olden days in India, the Bandhani artisans grew their little finger's nail upto an inch long for the purpose of tying the knots. The practice is still common in some areas.

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